Fundamentals of the Faith

Welcome to the Fundamentals of the Faith class! I’m excited to start a journey together over the next few months to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Course Objectives

The objectives for this course are:

  1. to increase your desire for God;
  2. to increase your desire for further study of God’s Word;
  3. to become equipped for ministry; and
  4. to have assurance of eternal life.

We want your workbook this page to be a resource that you will refer to in the future and be a starting point for future studies. So take care of your workbook and notebook so that it is the useful tool that it was designed to be.

Class Format

Each class will be a mix of teaching and discussion. Your participation is encouraged but you will not be singled out or forced to speak. We’re here to learn, not to embarrass or impress people with our knowledge. A typical class starts with answering any questions about the homework and a review of the lesson memory verse. We will not go over each question in the workbook as you’re expected to have that completed already. Class time is not the time to be filling in the answers in the workbook!


The Fundamentals of the Faith workbooks are divided into 13 lessons that will take us about 21 weeks to go through. Before each lesson you will have to work through the questions in the workbook. We will not be going over all the answers in class; you are expected to have this done before we get together. Besides the workbook questions and answers, for each lesson you are also to listen to a sermon by John MacArthur that parallels the lesson, and to memorize the lesson memory verse.

We want to encourage you right from the start to put in the effort required each week. Be prepared before class begins. We want to be good stewards of the life and breath given to us by our creator. If you commit to attending these classes, doing the work beforehand, and participating, you will gain an increased understanding of the fundamentals of the Christian faith.