Expository Preaching

In this series of posts, we’ll look at some of the terms used to try and capture what we believe and value. Words have meaning, but divorced from context they could be misunderstood. Understanding how words are defined and used is essential, so this week we’ll look at what we mean by: expository preaching.

Expository preaching has become a buzzword in church circles. Unfortunately, while being often used, it’s intended meaning proves elusive. Many churches claim to value expository preaching, but what does that actually mean?

  • Some equate expository preaching with preaching through biblical books (e.g., Matthew or Romans) verse by verse from start to end.
  • Some equate expository preaching to detailing the meaning of a particular text. Verb tenses, grammatical and lexical studies and other technical linguistic and historical tools are used to explain the full meaning of a text.
  • Some equate expository preaching as just saying what the Bible says (you can see why many can claim to value expository preaching!).

Here is how we understand it. Expository preaching is preaching that takes the main point of a passage and makes that the main point of the sermon and applies it to life today. It is not only a matter of saying what the text says, it is making the thrust of the sermon the same as that of the text. Exposing (where we get expository from) the meaning and intent of a text.

Why is this important? Expository or expositional preaching is important because it is God’s Word that convicts, converts, builds up, and sanctifies God’s people. Preaching that makes the main point of the text the main point of the sermon makes God’s agenda rule the church, not the preacher’s.

This post relies on the good material found at http://www.9marks.org/what-are-the-9marks/preaching

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