We are a community of people who join together because of our common need of God’s grace. We preach the gospel because we need it and the world needs it. We seek, by God’s enabling, to grow into better followers of Jesus. In our preaching and teaching ministries, reverent worship and music, loving Christian community, and other acts of service, we try our hardest to be like him.

New to Church?

The Way Things Are

The Bible really is the very words of our creator and it tells us about the amazing love of God. It tells us that God created the world and that he created humanity to be in a relationship with him. Sadly, we don’t live like we were created to live, rather we choose sin. The root cause of our sin is that we do not love God as he deserves to be loved. We love ourselves, we love the creation rather than the creator—this is serious rebellion against God.

Good News

The Bible also tells us that God loved us so much that he sent his Son, Jesus, so that he could pay for our sin by dying in our place on the cross. By doing this, he rescued his people from God’s wrath and the punishment of hell, and made it possible for us be with him forever in heaven. God’s rescue from sin is so powerful and life-changing that we invest our greatest efforts to share it with everyone in our neighborhood, city, nation, and world. We want everyone to know the good news of Jesus Christ.

Why Church?

Jesus showed wonderful compassion to the poor, the sick, and the hopelessly sinful. We want to love people just like Jesus loves them. For this reason, Fairview is a warm, welcoming community that invites everyone, no matter who they are, to join us. Church is not a place for those who have it all together, but it is a hospital for those who are sin-sick and need Jesus the great physician. God instructs us in the Bible to gather regularly to remember what he has done and encourage each other. We gather every Sunday because we need God and his love.

New to Fairview?

A Typical Sunday at Fairview

We gather each Sunday in remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus on that same day of the week. We begin at 9:30AM when we have an all-ages Sunday School that is primarily a time of learning and discussion. At 11AM we begin our worship service where we read Scripture, sing, give, and listen to preaching. At the end of each service we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Following the service there is a lunch provided where we gather to eat and continue to discuss matters of faith and get to know each other better.

Preaching and Teaching

The Bible is very important to us at Fairview. It is God’s revealed word to humanity. For this reason we value expository preaching, exploring God’s word verse by verse, chapter by chapter. God has made known to us through the Bible what we are to believe, so we are unashamedly evangelical, reformed, complementarian, and baptistic in our theology (see our Statement of Faith).


We seek to honor God through congregational singing of hymns both modern and ancient.


We are a family-oriented church so all children are welcome in our services. To assist parents, we also provide nursery care for young children.


We are part of The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada and their regional branch Fellowship Prairies. We also support the Whispering Pines Bible Camp.

Still have questions?

What happens in a service? We worship God by hearing the Bible read, singing hymns, praying, giving, and listening to preaching. Each service ends with the Lord’s Supper.
What is the Lord’s Supper? The Lord’s Supper is a memorial meal that Jesus himself instituted on the night before he was crucified. Those who are his baptized followers are welcome to participate. We eat a piece of bread and drink the fruit of the vine as a picture of Jesus’ body and blood that was given for us for the forgiveness of sins.
How long is a service? Approximately 1 ½ hours. You’re welcome to stay for lunch afterward.
What should I wear? You’ll see people in a range of clothing from casual to formal, so dress in what you feel most comfortable.
Whether you are new to church or new to Fairview we hope you’ll join us this Sunday as we worship our Creator and Redeemer.